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Peaky Blinders season 6 theories: Grace Shelby 'alive' after faking death to protect Tommy

PEAKY BLINDERS' Tommy Shelby has never got over the death of his wife Grace Shelby. However, could she have been forced into faking her death to protect her son?

Peaky Blinders
  Peaky Blinders: Could Grace be alive? (Image: BBC)

Peaky Blinders fans viewed Tommy breakdown toward the finish of season five as he addressed his dead spouse during a clear fantasy. 
Tommy felt answerable for his better half's passing and battled to grapple with it however entertainer Annabelle has uncovered she could come back to the show later on. 
The entertainer made the disclosure while taking note of the amount she appreciated working close by Cillian. 
Annabelle stated: "Even with Grace in that limited capacity to focus, was no character weariness." 
In this way, them together have become such a power field due to what occurred," she proceeded. 
"I've addressed Cillian about this, however I believe there's space to team up on something different, on the grounds that there's this sentimental thought of that and it's so incredible. 
"Cillian and I are extraordinary companions. Me and Cillian, we consider Peaky Blinders the blessing that continues giving. 
"That is to say, I don't have the foggiest idea whether the street is done presently. We'll need to sit back and watch." 
Tommy's pipedream in arrangement five could be an enormous hint Grace will return. 
The previous barmaid knew how hazardous an existence with Tommy would be yet might she be able to have been constrained into faking her own passing? 
Effortlessness wouldn't cheerfully forsake her child or spouse be that as it may, might one be able to of Tommy's foes have persuaded her the two of them would be murdered on the off chance that she didn't vanish? 

Peaky Blinders
Peaky Blinders: Tommy blamed himself for Grace's death (Image: BBC)

Somebody near Tommy would realize the amount it would hurt him on the off chance that he felt liable for Grace's passing. 
Somewhere else, chief Anthony Byrne uncovered how Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy) had the option to statute Tommy's destiny. 
During the season five finale, Alfie appears to Tommy in a fantasy and predicts he'll wind up shooting himself in a field. 
Talking about this, chief Anthony Byrne stated: "I simply feel that is the virtuoso of Steve's composition. 
"He's truly ready to take care of in the lines that you don't focus as well and afterward they take on more prominent importance and hugeness. 
"I have regularly said to Steve in the past he's an artist just as an incredible author. 
"He composes excellent writing in the activity of a screenplay between the discourse. 

Peaky Blinders
Peaky Blinders: Tommy spoke to Grace in a hallucination (Image: BBC)Add caption

"It's not simply, 'He strolls in, he gets, he plunks down' it's not gruff composition, it's delightful exposition." 
"That is an incredible scene," he proceeded. "I generally think about that two-hander with Alfie and Tommy. 
"It resembles a [Samuel] Beckett play that has been shoe-horned into a scene of Peaky. It's existential and it bodes well."

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