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10 Funny Images Of Food Looking A Heck Of A Lot Like Vaginas

Take a look to these vagina foods so damn hilarious.😂

1. This pumpkin:

A pumpkin with large folds on one side
ihaveabeveragehere / Via reddit.com

2. This jar of peanut butter:

a jar of peanut butter with a hole in the middle
YourMomsBox1981 / Via imgur.com

3. This yam:

A buttered yam split in half
wildsnowmongoose / Via reddit.com

4. This pear:

A pear that looks like it has legs and a vulva
zj_y33t / Via reddit.com

5. This tub of butter:

Butter with a small hole in the middle
crazyperson15 / Via i.imgur.com

6. This oyster:

An oyster on a shell with thin layers of muscle
tzomqe / Via i.imgur.com

7. This cotton candy:

Fluffy cotton candy with layers
foodnetworkislyfe / Via reddit.com

8. This tangerine:

A tangerine with a folded part on one side
Chongoloco / Via reddit.com

9. This pastry:

A baked pastry with many folds in the middle
dam_the_beavers / Via reddit.com

10. This strawberry cream pie:

A small pie with a hole in the middle and frosting on top
ryker272 / Via imgur.com

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