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10 Dishes In Europe To Add To Your Travel Bucket List

Let's face it: The best part of travel is the food.

check out this list that we made especially for you will be overjoyed

1. Pierogi in Poland

bowl of pierogi dumplings topped with chives and a spoonful of sour cream on the side
Freeskyline / Getty Images

2. Pastéis de Nata in Portugal

palm-sized egg custard tarts with flaky pastry on a patterned table
Annapustynnikova / Getty Images

3. Kanelbullar in Sweden

bowl full of buns with swirls of cinnamon running through the dough
Sarah Biesinger / Getty Images

4. Lakrori in Albania

flaky, golden brown pastry filled spinach and cheese
Constantinosz / Getty Images

5. Bryndza in Slovakia

plate of small creamy-looking potato dumplings topped with a cheesy sauce, spring onion, and diced bacon
Phbcz / Getty Images

6. Currywurst in Germany

chopped up sausages sprinkled with curry powder and a pile of french fries
Gkrphoto / Getty Images

7. Waffles in Belgium

golden brown waffle topped with light sprinkling of powdered sugar
Svetlanais / Getty Images

8. Arancini in Italy

crispy, golden fried ball of rice with a meat filling
Dvcdvd84 / Getty Images

9. Bocadillo de jamón in Spain

crusty baguette filled with generous amounts of thinly sliced jamon (ham)
Proformabooks / Getty Images

10. Moussaka in Greece

big slice of moussaka with a golden brown top, served on a white plate
Beats3 / Getty Images

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