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Today Is the Last Day of My Life

Steve Jobs once said: "Live each day as if it was your last."

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I read this statement for the absolute first time. Despite the fact that it felt extremely motivating and ground-breaking, I would never completely comprehend what he was truly attempting to state. 

Today I am in a perspective where I see what "the most recent day of life" signifies. Consistently is the latest day of your life. How? 

We are on the whole unfit to know whether we will be alive one minute from now or even one second from now. Many individuals contend asking, "Does it mean we will kick the bucket next moment?" or "Does it mean we should fear passing constantly?" 

The appropriate response is straightforward: we don't have the foggiest idea whether we will pass on next second however there is no assurance in the event that we will live. It unquestionably doesn't mean we have the main future, which is brimming with dread. There is literally nothing to fear. 

Life was given to you without you settling on a decision to enter this World; it tends to be additionally taken without your decision. The main choice you make is the manner by which to live between the passage door called birth and the leave entryway called demise. In any case, there is an intriguing catch: no one knows how much time there is between the section and the exit. This obscure causes life and all the fun and dread we experience living it. 

How about we imagine for a second that we know about how long or days we will live. The self evident certainty, that is the way we live each day. 

To enable you to comprehend what I mean, l will utilize my discussion with my companion Tim as an extreme case of life. 

Tim is 32 years of age and he functions as a Project Manager in San Francisco based programming organization. Tim is hitched and has a lovely, sweet and adoring girl Alya. I asked Tim a couple of inquiries. Here is a piece of my discussion with him: 

Me: Tim, do you realize how long would you say you will live? 

Tim: No, I don't. Nobody knows. 

Me: What in the event that you knew the specific span of your life? Have you at any point contemplated that? 

Tim: No, I've never contemplated that. Be that as it may, it would be fascinating to know. 

Me: When was the last time you were discontent with your better half about something? In the event that you let me know, I'm ready to reveal to you how long you will live.

Tim: There is no chance you can reveal to me that, yet I will respond to your inquiry. A week ago when I imparted to my significant other my arrangements to leave my place of employment and begin dealing with my item thought, we had a long contention. She contemplates my family's money related steadiness. I possibly need to satisfy myself regardless of whether my family will be in a difficult situation with my choice. 

Me: What transpires on the off chance that you don't stop and what occurs on the off chance that you do stop? 

Tim: If I don't stop, I think I am squandering my life accomplishing something little and unimportant. On the off chance that I quit... (Tim, went quiet for a couple of moments) 

Me: What occurred, Tim? 

Tim: I am figuring what might occur on the off chance that I quit. 

Me: You have quite recently revealed to me you had a long contention on this theme with your significant other a week ago? You have never figured what might occur on the off chance that you quit? 

Tim: Hmm, I think I have never truly contemplated it. I was constantly centered around what occurs in the event that I don't stop. In any case, I can disclose to you that I am disturbed at this point. In the event that I chip away at my thought and my item, I can improve my life much than what it is today. I can be glad once more. 

Me: (I grinned) Tim, I would now be able to let you know, how long you will live. 

Tim: Ha-ha! Let me know. 

Me: Tim, today is your last day. That is all you will live. What will you do now? Will you quit? 

Tim: If today were in reality the most recent day of my life, stopping or not stopping would not be what I would think about. I'd prefer to be with my significant other and my girl. I would think about them as much as Possible and reveal to them the amount I cherished them. 

Me: The decision you are making isn't to stopped and remain with your present place of employment. The decision you are making is the thing that you need to do with this snapshot of your life: live it with adoration or live it with dread. The greater part of us decide to live with dread. Take a gander at what you were stating 5 minutes back: you needed to be more joyful later on. You had a contention with your better half, since you dreaded you would not be cheerful in the event that you quit your place of employment. 

How about we center around a similar snapshot of today being the latest day of your life. Presently all you need is give more love to your significant other and girl. You are not dreadful of things to come any longer. It is so on the grounds that the truth of things to come quit existing for you. You chose to live this lone second you have now with affection and complete bliss. 

Truth be told we as a whole have a similar test and we as a whole have a similar decision to make each day. Glance through the choices you have as of late made. In the event that you channel them through the idea of today being the latest day of your life, perceive how those choices change. In the event that everything remains the equivalent, you can salute yourself since you picked love and satisfaction. In the case of something changes, discover what that dreadful idea was that affected you in any case. Do whatever it takes not to let that dread settle on all the choices for you. 

Keep in mind: "Life is a film: you watch, you act and you direct."

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