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Rescue Kitty Named Bowie The Cat Is Simply The Coolest

       Beside the index of extraordinary music, David Bowie deserted an inheritance that won't before long be overlooked. Did you realize that the late performer was likewise a feline darling, as well? Quick forward to 2018, when a desolate little cat without a house was left surrendered. A veterinarian's office in Spain took him in, and the excellent white and dark-striped cat checked little cat wanted to play. At that point he met Maria Lloret, his destined to be pleased feline mum. In a split second she knew this delightful little cat with spunk must be named Bowie The Cat given his dazzling odd-shaded eyes. What's more, as is commonly said, the rest is history!

Bowie The Cat is"sweet and cheeky simultaneously" and when he's not caught up with playing, he's an ace at turning on his appeal for the camera. 

His feline mother began sharing photographs of her heterochromia cutie online in late 2018. What's more, it didn't take long for feline sweethearts all over the globe to pay heed to this Spanish cat head-turner.

His cat mom even has a blog dedicated to him, complete with Spanish and English translation. She often shares fun photos of him and stories of them together. Maria is an advocate for animal adoption, and she hopes that sharing Bowie’s photos with the world can spread happiness. We think both of those are wonderful things, and we certainly commend her for it !

All Images Courtesy of Bowie The Cat on Instagram

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